Breast Milk Storage Bags


Durable, sturdy, and sterile breast milk storage bags will keep your milk safe in the freezer.

  • 50 bags in each pack
  • Store up to 7 oz / 200 ml
  • Double-zipper prevents leaks
  • 100% food-grade PP plastic
  • Free from BPA and phthalates
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable

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Start or continue building your milk stash with our durable, single-use, and sterile breast milk storage bags. Our bags are made of thick food-grade PP plastic, with extra-strong seams, and a double-zipper:

  • They don’t leak
  • They can stand upright
  • They are freezer-safe

If you used other breast milk storage bags, you’ll feel the difference in your hands immediately. You’ll never trust another bag with your liquid gold again.

Breast Milk Safety

Your milk will be safe from outside contaminants. Each bag features a perforated safety seal, so you know each bag is sterile and ready for your breast milk.

  • Make sure you wash your hands before opening a bag to prevent contamination!
  • Each bag is single-use, do not re-use them. It will contaminate your milk.
  • Do not microwave! To thaw milk safely you can:
    • Leave it overnight in the refrigerator (not the freezer)
    • Set it in a container of warm or lukewarm water
    • Place it under running lukewarm water
  • Never re-freeze thawed milk!

For more storage and handling tips, visit the CDC website.

We recommend you use a permanent marker (Sharpie) to write the name, date, and amount on each bag. Marker not included.

Items included:

  • 50 x Breast milk storage bags inside a re-sealable plastic bag


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