About Boobie

Everything has a story. Here's our story.

Boobie was founded by Renecia, a mother of two bundles of joy, with her husband's support and technical expertise.

After the birth of their second little one, she realized that she wanted to change her experience on the feeding journey with her son.

After struggling with breastfeeding and feeding her picky 4-year-old daughter, she knew she had to try something different.

As a working, exclusively breastfeeding mom, she had to pump on lunch breaks at work. However, there was no dedicated private space to sit down, plug in the pump, and pump.

Renecia had to hand-express milk into a bottle in the restroom, which took up a lot of her break time and she barely had enough time to eat.

She did not want to experience this the second time around, and she knew mothers have to go through similar ordeals to feed their little ones daily.

That's why she founded Boobie, to help busy mothers with breastfeeding, feeding, and dressing their bundles of joy by providing eco-friendly and affordable products.

Renecia hand-picks and uses all the products sold on Boobie.ca with her kids. You're getting the best, battle-tested products to make your life easier and less stressful.

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